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Pre-Listing Inspection

Stand Out in the Austin Market: Pre-Listing Inspections for a Smooth Sale

In a competitive market like Austin, a pre-listing inspection is a smart move to set your home apart. Here’s why:

  • Attract Serious Buyers: Show you’re a proactive seller with nothing to hide, building trust with potential buyers.

  • Smooth Negotiations: Address potential issues upfront, preventing surprises during the sale process.

  • Faster Closing: Streamline the process by having a pre-inspection report ready to share with buyers.
Living room interior with a modern couch, colorful rug, and sliding glass doors leading to a backyard.

Providing repair estimates for identified problems to the buyer before the transaction is another opportunity the pre-listing inspection affords.

The report provides an unbiased and realistic assessment of the home’s condition, allowing you to accurately price it and avoid having to lower the price after problems are found by the buyer’s inspector.

Choose Eyewitness for Your Austin Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Thorough & Detailed: We uncover any issues, giving you the information you need.

  • Trusted & Experienced: Our inspectors are known for reliable, unbiased assessments.
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